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Poll of the Week: Would You Eat 3D Printed Meat or Fish?

While 3D printed cultivated meat is definitely still a very novel concept, there have been significant milestones in the pioneering alternative meat industry over the past decade. So in our…

Steakholder Foods Launches 3D Printed Fake Eel for Sustainable Seas

In a significant move towards sustainable seafood, Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) has introduced a 3D printed eel that promises to make waves in the niche 3D printed fake meats industry….

Daring AM: The State of Alt Meats and 3D Printing as We Transition into 2024

Alternative meats enter 2024 marked by wins and losses. The U.S. led the way with major regulatory approvals by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including Good Meat‘s lab-grown chicken…

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3D Printed Alt Meats over Killed Animal Cuts? Investors Agree

For a while, it seemed as though 3D printed alternative meats were just one side of an industry, targeted mainly at the vegan or vegetarian population (roughly 14% globally). Now,…