The Foam Printing Project Part Two: 3D Printing to Lightweight All the Things

MIT research specialist Matthew Pearlson is the founder of The Foam Printing Project, an innovative advance building on his idea to use additive manufacturing and lightweight foam for the creation…

The Foam Printing Project Part One: Lower-Cost, Lighter-Weight SLA 3D Printing with Foam

In addition to gathering together the latest technologies and materials, 3D printing industry events offer invaluable networking opportunities; the people often make the event, and that goes just as much…

Researchers 3D Print 7-Foot-Tall Statue of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Out of Polyurethane Foam & Shaving Cream

Over the year and a half since we’ve launched I have seen some pretty innovative approaches taken within the 3D printing industry. From pancake printers to printing objects that are…

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