VECTARY Announces Its Noun Project Plugin: Thousands of Icons to Turn Into 3D Printable Models

Free online 3D modeling tool and community platform VECTARY, which was founded in 2014, launched its first public beta in December of 2016, about a year after its services were first introduced….

Free 3D Modeling Tool and Platform VECTARY Launches First Public Beta

Early in 2016, we were first introduced to the innovative and intuitive online 3D modeling tool VECTARY. Both a platform and a tool, VECTARY was designed so that anyone, regardless…

DesktopHero Allows Anyone to Design Their Own Customized 3D Printable Gaming Characters for Free – No Modeling Skills Required

3D printing is celebrated by millions of people, but some of its biggest fans are gamers. The technology opens up unlimited possibilities for creation and creativity in the world of…

3D Design Platform Kwambio Re-Launches with New Designers and a New Creative Director

Lots of 3D printing platform/marketplaces pop up on a regular basis, but few cause the kind of buzz that Kwambio did when it officially launched last year. Like other marketplaces, customers…

Kwambio’s 3D File Platform Officially Launches Today, Offering Hundreds of Beautiful 3D Designs

Kwambio has been on our radar for quite some time as they’ve worked diligently toward today’s launch of their dynamic 3D file platform. Along the way, they’ve sprinkled their path…

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