Teenage Maker Builds Closed Loop 3D Printer for Just €10

There have been many homemade and DIY 3D printers – even 3D printers made from a dot matrix printer, e-waste and recycled components – but I think the 3D printer constructed by…

3D Meets 2D at HP as Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing System Is Used to Manufacture New Parts for HP’s 2D Inkjet Printers

HP has been making major waves through its entrance into the 3D printing market, between laying off thousands of employees in 2015, unveiling its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing system last year, and closing a…

Hack Much? Lunavest Offers CrafteHbot Full Color 3D Printer DIY Kit, You Attach 2D Inkjet Printer

If you’re like me, when doing some fun secondhand shopping, you probably notice the piles and piles of old inkjet printers in the electronics section, discarded as sometimes it’s just…

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