John Barnes

The Winds of Change in Metal 3D Printing

The famous rock ballad by the Scorpions, Winds of Change is my inspiration.  I would change it to the “Gas Path of Change” but then that is really hard to…

Parts, Not Prints – AMS Speaker Spotlight

At the Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) event in New York City I have the double pleasure of being involved in two panels:  Moderating the Future of DED and WAAM and…

AMS Speaker Spotlight: Defining the Future is Hard Work

John Barnes, Managing Director of The Barnes Global Advisors, will be participating in Additive Manufacturing Strategies 2022, Panel 1: The future of DED and WAAM. Additive Manufacturing Strategies (AMS) is…


A 2020 View of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Yes, the title is ironic. No view of the future is 20/20, especially ours, although John has been eyeing some 3D printed custom Titanium frames to help sharpen the outlook….