Meltio Expands Global Reach with New Partnerships in the Americas and Europe


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Spanish 3D printing manufacturer Meltio has expanded its sales network across the globe. With the addition of three new partners in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, and Italy, Meltio aims to cater to the growing industrial demand for metal printed parts. This expansion not only extends Meltio’s global footprint but also brings its recently launched Meltio M600 system to Latin America for the first time through its partnership with Grupo Molinari in Argentina and Brazil.

Meltio M600. Image courtesy of Saunders

In the United States, Force Automation, a turn-key solution provider known for optimizing manufacturing processes, will integrate Meltio’s Engine Robot Integration technology with ABB robot arms. The new technology solution will help manufacturers develop complex parts with ease. Thanks to its extensive experience in automation and manufacturing solutions, Force Automation brings plenty of expertise to this partnership.

“We are thrilled to be working with companies like FORCE Automation, as their expertise and customer-centric approach are exactly what we are looking for when incorporating partners in the Meltio partner ecosystem. Together, we will be able to cater to the ever-growing needs of the American market, especially in robotic arms integration with our unique wire-laser metal 3D printing head, and ease the adoption of metal additive manufacturing,” said Emilio Juárez, Meltio’s sales director.

Meltio 3D printing. Image courtesy of Meltio.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Overmach, a Parma-based powerhouse, stands out as a vital partner for Meltio in Italy. Known for selling advanced CNC and 3D printing technologies, Overmach has established itself as a technology provider in the Italian industrial sector. This collaboration with Meltio is set to enhance the adoption of innovative 3D printing solutions, with Overmach’s comprehensive sales and service network playing a key role in promoting Meltio’s technology across Italy’s manufacturing landscape, mainly in technology centers, tooling machine companies, robotic integrators, academia, and industry.

Meltio’s Italian executive, Massimo Petrusa, remarked that with this partnership, Meltio is responding to the increasing demand of many industries in Italy for unique wire-laser metal 3D printing solutions. With a strong commercial presence in Italy, Overmach offers a promising platform for Meltio’s European expansion.

Meltio 3D printed part. Image courtesy of Meltio.

Shifting focus to Latin America, Grupo Molinari, a century-old specialist in machine tools headquartered in Argentina, aims to revolutionize the Latin American industrial sector by introducing Meltio’s M600 printer. Representing leading brands from across the globe, Molinari aims to sell cutting-edge solutions like Meltio’s 3D printing technology to industries across the region’s automotive, oil, and mining sectors.

Meltio’s approach to expansion is not just about broadening its market reach but also about enhancing the capabilities of its 3D printing solutions. The Meltio M450 and M600 printers, along with their integration into CNC and robotic systems, offer a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, titanium, nickel, and invar. These technologies promise increased productivity, cost efficiency, and operational flexibility in manufacturing and repair processes.

In light of the broader economic challenges faced by Latin American countries, especially Argentina, where industrial sectors have encountered stagnation and operational hurdles, Molinari and Meltio’s innovative solutions represent a significant step forward. Their 3D printing technology could revitalize these economies, offering new possibilities for local industries to thrive amid ongoing economic pressures. By providing 3D printing tools to promote innovation, Molinari and Meltio are helping set new benchmarks for technological advances in the region’s manufacturing arena.

Meltio 3D printed part. Image courtesy of Meltio.

Meltio stressed the importance of this partnership as the first official stronghold in the Argentinian and Brazilian territories and as a response to the increasing demand of many industries for its wire-laser metal 3D printing solutions.

“Together, we will be able to cater to the ever-growing needs of the Grupo Molinari customer base for and ease the adoption of metal additive manufacturing in this enormous market,” said Antonio Antonaya, APAC and LATAM Sales Manager at Meltio.

Meltio’s expansion strategy reflects a broader trend in the 3D printing sector, with companies aiming to increase their global footprint to meet diverse regional demands. This approach not only aims to create more demand for Meltio’s innovative solutions but also drives industry-wide innovation and efficiency. With new partners in strategic markets, Meltio is well-positioned to respond to the growing need for advanced metal 3D printing solutions.‘s Sarah Saunders witnessed the launch of Meltio’s M600 at their headquarters, showcasing the system’s advanced capabilities and Meltio’s commitment to technological evolution and market adaptation. This experience highlighted Meltio’s potential in metal additive manufacturing, bringing efficiency and advanced solutions to industries across the globe.

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