Spare Parts 3D Printing Expert Immensa Snags Former GE Exec Nabil Habayeb for Board

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Middle East’s leading figure in additive manufacturing (AM), Immensa, has appointed Nabil Habayeb, the former President and CEO of GE International Markets division, to join its board of directors. The seasoned executive will serve as a non-executive director, a role that situates him outside of the company’s day-to-day management, where he will provide unbiased strategic oversight and governance.

Nabil Habayeb. Image courtesy of Immensa

This new addition is a big step for Immensa as it looks to grow and improve its role in the global energy spare parts market. Habayeb’s extensive experience and successful track record at GE, particularly in navigating the complex landscape of the global energy sector, align with Immensa’s objectives. With a proven ability to drive growth and innovation, the former executive is instrumental in driving Immensa’s market position in this arena.

During his four decades at GE, Habayeb held various senior leadership positions, including his most recent role overseeing GE’s operations across international markets. He was deeply involved in the energy sector, overseeing projects and initiatives that spanned across various markets and regions. His insights into the operational and strategic aspects of the energy spare parts market will be invaluable to Immensa. Moreover, Habayeb will be able to provide plenty of knowledge in digital manufacturing and supply chain optimization, which are critical to the company’s success in this industry.

“Nabil Habayeb is one of the most experienced and senior business people regionally and globally – and we are honoured he has agreed to join the board of Immensa. His strategic insight, experience, and network will be of huge value to us – especially in our core customer sector – Energy,” said Fahmi Al-Shawwa, Co-founder and CEO of Immensa. “Nabil’s appointment also illustrates Immensa’s ambition. As a digital manufacturer, we are pioneers in what we do – reshaping the energy sector via digital warehousing and agile supply chains. To be the best, you hire the best and I look forward to announcing more senior talent arriving at Immensa soon.”

The addition of Habayeb to Immensa’s board is seen as a major sign of the company’s plan to not only lead but also transform the digital manufacturing field, especially in energy, where AM is expected to reach $17 billion by 2032, according to the “Additive Manufacturing in the Energy Sector: Market Analysis & Forecast” from Additive Manufacturing Research. His knowledge and business connections are expected to be crucial in guiding Immensa through its next phases of growth, innovation, and market expansion.

Headquartered in Dubai, Immensa is known for its innovative approach in the $91 billion energy spare parts industry, providing solutions through its centers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. The company’s clients include some of the world’s leading national and international oil companies, such as Saudi Aramco (Aramco) and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), which are state-owned entities, as well as international oil companies (IOCs) such as Shell, a private multinational corporation.

Moreover, Habayeb’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Immensa’s goals to reduce environmental impact and promote localized production. While Immensa operates in the energy spare parts industry—an area traditionally associated with significant environmental challenges due to resource extraction and use—the company has taken a proactive approach to reduce its ecological footprint. Thanks to 3D printing, Immensa reduces material waste and energy consumption, while promoting sustainability within the manufacturing sector. And thanks to its localized production, it can contribute to more agile supply chains and reduces transportation-related emissions.

Habayeb commented: “I am honoured and excited to join Immensa’s board and to work closely with its team. I am impressed by Immensa’s strong leadership, vision and passion for digitizing spare parts and warehousing solutions, while focusing on the environment and supply chain in the energy sector. Immensa’s technologies and solutions for energy customers are well aligned to stakeholders’ aspirations to transform industrial manufacturing and operations in the region.”

In the broader context of his career, Habayeb has been involved in various high-level advisory and board roles, contributing to organizations such as the Arabian Gulf States Institute, the United States-UAE Business Council, and the American University of Beirut, among others.

Immensa’s recent milestones, including achieving the global gold standard certification for additive manufacturing of metallic parts and signing strategic MOUs in Saudi Arabia, alongside a successful Series B funding round, are ideal for a growing business. Operating in the $91 billion global energy spare parts market, where the Middle East comprises 35%, Immensa says it is the only company with full control over the digital supply chain, allowing it to offer innovative solutions that address industry challenges, such as localized production and reduced environmental impact, eventually driving positive change and efficiency to the energy sector.

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