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In late 2023, AddUp, a global metal additive manufacturing (AM) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), welcomed Julien Marcilly as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Frank Moreau. AddUp, a joint venture between the French tire giant Michelin (Euronext Paris: ML) and the Paris-based industrial engineering corporation Fives, has been a significant player in the field of metal AM.

With almost 20 years of experience in industrial manufacturing, Marcilly’s extensive background and expertise position him well to lead AddUp as its new CEO. The executive has been part of the AddUp team since 2019, originally as the Deputy CEO. Before joining AddUp, he had a 14-year career at Fives, where he held several leadership roles. His earlier work at Fives gave Marcilly the necessary know-how for his new position and the challenges he might face at AddUp.

In his previous role as Managing Director of one of Fives’ business units called Fives Conveying, Marcilly was dedicated to improving machine productivity through smart automation solutions, particularly for some of the world’s largest automakers. Before that, he served as the Operations Director of Fives Stein, where he contributed to optimizing production lines for steel and glass manufacturers across Europe, Asia, and North and South America. According to the company, Marcilly’s experience in overcoming international manufacturing challenges, such as supply chain disruptions, technology adoption, automation, and sustainability, positions him well to lead AddUp as it continues its global expansion.

“AddUp is a bona fide additive manufacturing OEM built upon the pedigree of our parent companies, industry pioneers, Michelin and Fives,” says Marcilly. “We understand the world of manufacturing because we were born from it. We understand industrial challenges because we have lived them. This is why we are industrializing additive manufacturing. We know how to use it, qualify it, and scale it, making it a reliable and repeatable solution for our customers.”

AddUp CEO Julien Marcilly. Image courtesy of AddUp.

Established in 2016 and known initially as Fives-Michelin Additive Solutions, AddUp marked a strategic collaboration in metal powder bed fusion (PBF) technology. Today, AddUp, headquartered in Cébazat, France, with subsidiaries in North America and Germany, offers a range of multi-technology production systems, including the proprietary FormUp series of open-architecture PBF machines and the Modulo 400 machines and Magic lines of industrial Directed Energy Deposition (DED) machines. The company’s vast portfolio, which includes part production, proof of concept (POC) production, metal AM consulting services, AM training, and design for AM, positions it as a full-service provider in the metal AM sector.

As the new CEO of AddUp, Marcilly has summed up key priorities for the future of the company. Among them, he emphasizes productivity and repeatability, sustainability, software monitoring, and data management. Additionally, providing exceptional customer support is a top priority to ensure that AddUp’s clients can fully harness the potential of metal AM.

“AddUp not only has best-in-class PBF and DED machines but also a best-in-class service team to fully support our customers throughout their additive manufacturing journey from design to production and qualification,” explains Marcilly. “I am excited to see the future of additive manufacturing and proud to be at the forefront with AddUp, industrializing the technology to solve manufacturers’ toughest challenges. I look forward to leading such an innovative company and to driving the growth of our industry.”

Even before becoming CEO, Marcilly’s responsibilities as Deputy CEO since November 2019 were quite comprehensive, including overseeing complete industrial metal 3D printing solutions, leading a team of 400 employees, managing profit and loss, and handling overall management in different areas such as sales, research and technology, engineering, operations, purchasing, workshop, finance, safety, and human resources.

Marcilly also played a key role in integrating acquired businesses BeAM and Poly-Shape into AddUp’s operations. BeAM, known for its DED machines, was acquired in June 2018, while the brand’s acquisition of a majority stake in Poly-Shape, a French AM service provider, in the same year further strengthened its position in the metal 3D printing industry. AddUp says the new CEO’s focus on governance, common tools, and strategy was fundamental in these integration processes, enabling a “unified approach” for AddUp’s vision of the “factory of the future.”

AddUp CEO Julien Marcilly. Image courtesy of AddUp.

Marcilly’s chosen path throughout the last two decades has led him to his current role as CEO of AddUp. Each career step, from his time at Fives to his role in integrating key acquisitions at AddUp, has been a building block toward this leadership position.

To celebrate its latest appointment, AddUp said this on social media: “Exciting News at AddUp! We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Julien Marcilly as our new Chief Executive Officer. With nearly 15 years of leadership experience with the Fives Group before joining AddUp, Julien is set to lead AddUp to new heights.
Looking forward to a future of innovation and success under his guidance!”

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