Nexa3D Enlists Quickparts and JawsTec as QLS 820 Foundational Customers


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During this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, 3D printer manufacturer Nexa3D announced the commercial availability of its new ultrafast Quantum Laser Sintering platform, the QLS 820, which is geared at high throughput manufacturing applications. As part of the brand’s strategy to bring the product to market, it also launched the QLS Manufacturing Partner Network with 3D printing service bureaus Quickparts and JawsTec as foundational customers.

Showcasing the new production platform at the IMTS Additive Manufacturing Pavilion on day one, Nexa3D CEO Avi Reichental declared that the new QLS 820 is printing at speeds of up to eight litters per hour, at up to 20% packing density (the highest throughput in this class), delivering orders of magnitude productivity gains without the typical costs and lead-times associated with tooled plastics.

Nexa3D booth at IMTS showcases the QLS 820. Nexa3D booth at IMTS showcases the QLS 820. Image courtesy of Nexa3D via LinkedIn

According to the company, the QLS 820 represents powder-bed technology that combines fast printing times with available materials and a cloud software platform to deliver more significant production volumes. It is also expected to offer a greater material selection for customers, working with standard materials such as PA11 and PA 12 while also being compatible with higher-temperature materials, such as PA6, at processing temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius (464 Fahrenheit). Furthermore, the system offers continuous production during the cooldown process, which can help eliminate bottlenecks and speed up production times.

At the core of the QLS 820 is Nexa3D’s powerful QLS print engine consisting of four CO2 lasers with 100W power each. The company claims this engine can deliver four times the print speed of other laser sintering and powder bed fusion technologies. In addition, the system offers an exchangeable build station that operators can use for continuous production during the cooldown process, eliminating production bottlenecks and increasing throughput and overall asset utilization.

QLS 820 by Nexa3D. QLS 820 by Nexa3D. Image courtesy of Nexa3D.

Meanwhile, with the launch of the QLS 820 Manufacturing Network Program, Quickparts hopes to bring customers faster production times with the help of Nexa3D’s QLS 820. Adding to its additive manufacturing printer portfolio is a laser sintering platform geared toward quick, high-throughput manufacturing applications. Quickparts – initially launched by 3D Systems as an e-commerce portal in 2011 – was recently acquired by Trilantic North America for $82 million in partnership with Ziad Abou – a tenured industry pioneer and Senior Vice President of 3D Systems’ on-demand manufacturing business for nearly a decade – who is now the brand’s CEO, and even has Reichental as Director of the Board.

Commenting on the latest announcement, Abou expressed his excitement at being the first on-demand manufacturing service provider to “experience the benefits of higher throughput, thermoplastic additive manufacturing.”

“We pride ourselves on offering quick turn manufacturing services to our customers and look forward to introducing an even faster and more efficient production of higher volume thermoplastic components with the QLS 820.”

Similarly, JawsTec will take ownership of its QLS 820 later this year. JawsTec CEO Oscar Klassen suggested that he sees great potential in the QLS 820 system to “dramatically accelerate the throughput we’re able to achieve for higher volume runs for our customers. We’re very excited about the new applications and customer requirements we will be able to meet with this new additive production system.”

Nexa3D is continuing to expand its manufacturing network and is looking to partner with other 3D printing service providers and low-volume injection molders looking to simplify and digitize their supply chain, optimize capacity utilization, and improve the economics of higher volume production. This is particularly true since the QLS 820 delivers a polymer-based production alternative to traditional injection molding without design constraints, costly tooling investments, and extended lead times.

Reichental says that now, more than ever, companies are ready to explore digital manufacturing solutions with no end in sight to persisting supply chain shortages.

“Nexa3D’s rapidly expanding product portfolio of ultrafast industrial solutions for the entire product life cycle democratizes access to industrial strength additive manufacturing tools, materials, and workflows for the benefit of small and large users,” said the CEO.

Aside from launching its QLS Manufacturing Partner Network for Nexa3D’s first showing at IMTS, the company has taken its full additive manufacturing portfolio to Chicago. During the next few days, it will showcase some real-world use cases at its booth to demonstrate the benefits of owning an industrial 3D printing fleet for on-demand manufacturing. The company also plans to showcase its latest industrial shop printers, including its flagship NXE 400 and NXE 200 ultrafast 3D printers, alongside its xWash, xCure, and xClean post-processing tools.

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