SPACs Everywhere: 3D Printing Companies Going Public in 2021


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The SPAC trend that revolutionized the IPO market in 2020 continues in 2021. Blank-check mergers through special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) have surged globally to a record $170 billion in 2021, surpassing last year’s total of $157 billion. In fact, 248 SPAC IPO transactions made up 55% of the total U.S. stock launches in 2020, according to financial research firm SPAC Analytics.

With so many businesses going public via SPACs, several pure-play 3D printing companies also made the list. So far, we counted 13 businesses focused on 3D printing that have announced they would go public in 2021. Just like last year, SPACs are outpacing traditional IPOs in this category, considering that most of the U.S. companies in the additive space chose to merge with blank check firms. However, a handful of businesses – mostly in Asia and Europe – will go the regular IPO route. Check out’s Stock Zone to keep track of the trading, and learn more about the 3D printing market activity at SmarTech and Stifel‘s “AM Investment Strategies 2021” event on September 9, 2021.

SPAC Mergers


  • First trading day: July 15, 2021
  • Exchange: New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • Symbol: MKFG
  • SPAC merger company: one (NYSE: AONE)
  • Initial share price: $7.76
  • SPAC Valuation: $2.1 billion

Markforged made its public debut in 2021 after closing a deal with blank-check company one. The leading industrial 3D printing company received approximately $361 million as part of the transaction to accelerate innovation and grow the company’s global footprint. To celebrate the occasion, the Markforged team even 3D printed their own bell in metal, claiming it was “the most Markforged way to go public.” Led by company founder and CTO Gregory Mark and CEO Shai Terem, the team left its mark on the NYSE floor after ringing the one-of-a-kind First Trade Bell built with their own industrial 3D printer.


VELO3D technology has guided many companies in their mission to create complex metal designs previously considered impossible due to the constraints of legacy additive manufacturing (AM) technology. To continue on its growth path, VELO3D announced a merger deal to become publicly listed and expects to use the $500 million in cash proceeds from the transaction to extend the reach of its technology to even more customers globally.


  • Will go public: H2 2021
  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Symbol: SHPW
  • SPAC merger company: Galileo Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: GLEO)
  • SPAC Valuation: $605 million

The upcoming merger and public listing for 3D printing service provider Shapeways will provide more than $195 million of net proceeds to the company, including a $75 million fully committed common stock PIPE anchored by top-tier institutional investors, including strategic partner Desktop Metal. The funds will help accelerate its metal AM capabilities, expand the material and technology offerings to extend market reach, grow customer share of wallet, and provide additional working capital.

Bright Machines 

  • Will go public: H2 2021
  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Symbol: BRTM
  • SPAC merger company: SCVX Corp. (NYSE: SCVX)
  • SPAC Valuation: $1.6 billion

An industry leader in intelligent, software-defined manufacturing, San Francisco-headquartered Bright Machines plans to go public later in 2021. The move will provide up to $435 million and help accelerate the company’s growth, including a highly anticipated expansion into new markets and the development of additional value-added software in areas such as production analytics and quality inspection.

Rocket Lab 

  • Will go public: H2 2021
  • Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Symbol: RKLB
  • SPAC merger company: Vector Acquisition (NASDAQ: VACQ)
  • SPAC Valuation: $4.1 billion

Since its inception, Rocket Lab has 3D printed rocket parts for its launch vehicles, deployed more than 100 satellites to space across 17 orbital launches, designed and manufactured Photon spacecraft currently operating in orbit, and been awarded contracts for Photon missions to the Moon and Mars. The new transaction will cement Rocket Lab’s position as a leader in the rapidly growing private space industry, and continue collaborations with 3D printing leading businesses, like SLM Solutions, to continue building large rocket engines.

Rocket Lab's rockets at the company's U.S. facility.

Rocket Lab manufactures rockets with 3D printed parts. Image courtesy of Rocket Lab.

Redwire Space

  • Will go public: H2 2021
  • Exchange: NYSE
  • Symbol: undisclosed
  • SPAC merger company: Genesis Park (NYSE: GNPK)
  • SPAC Valuation: $615 million

A developer of mission-critical solutions for next-generation space infrastructure, Redwire will go public later this year. The company is at the forefront of microgravity AM platforms thanks to the acquisition of zero-G 3D printer manufacturer Made In Space. Future plans include the launch of Archinaut, the largest artificial structure in space, for next-generation off-world manufacturing needs.


On-demand manufacturing pioneer Fathom confirmed a multi-million dollar SPAC deal to go public. After closing the transaction, more than $420 million of net proceeds will expand its on-demand digital manufacturing platform through a series of planned acquisitions under the continued leadership of CEO Ryan Martin.

3D printing technology at Fast Radius' facility.

Fast Radius is one of the largest service bureaus in the industry. Image courtesy of Fast Radius.

Fast Radius 

Digital manufacturing company Fast Radius will merge with a green-focused SPAC to become a publicly-traded company in 2021. Through its cloud manufacturing technology and on-site production centers in Chicago and within the UPS Worldport facility in Louisville, Fast Radius is leveraging digital manufacturing technology for a networked, global infrastructure that removes all the risk typically associated with outsourcing manufacturing projects.

IPO market

Massivit 3D

  • IPO date: March 8, 2021
  • Exchange: Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE)
  • Symbol: MSVT
  • IPO share price: $870
  • Valuation at IPO: $203.6 million

Israeli provider of large-volume 3D printing systems Massivit 3D is backed by 50 patent assets. Like many of its competitors, its vision is to transform large-volume manufacturing from traditional, legacy processes to digital manufacturing by providing fast 3D printing technology and a range of industrial materials. Through the IPO, Massivit raised $52 million that will be leveraged to continue innovating vital and disruptive technology to address pertinent market gaps.

Massivit 3D completed its IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Massivit 3D completed its IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Image courtesy of Massivit 3D.

MeaTech 3D

  • IPO date: March 12, 2021
  • Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Symbol: MITC
  • IPO share price: $10.30
  • Valuation at IPO: $1.1 billion

Focused on 3D printed cultured meat production, Israeli food-tech startup MeaTech 3D is developing and out-licensing its proprietary 3D printing technology, biotechnology processes, and customizable manufacturing processes to food processing and food retail companies seeking to manufacture proteins without the need for animal slaughter. An alternative to industrialized farming, MeaTech circumvents the ethical and environmental issues surrounding conventional animal agriculture by developing an industrial cultured meat production process with integrated 3D printing technology.

Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium is a producer of aerospace-grade, additively manufactured, structural titanium components for commercial aerospace tier-one suppliers. Its patented rapid plasma deposition (RPD) technology revolutionizes the industry by pioneering a new era of on-demand metal AM that delivers 3D printed, structural titanium, providing substantial lead-time and cost savings to the aerospace, defense, and industrial markets.


  • IPO date: June 29, 2021
  • Exchange: NASDAQ
  • Symbol: XMTR
  • IPO share price: $44
  • Valuation at IPO: $2 billion

Xometry, an online AI-enabled marketplace for on-demand manufacturing, saw shares soar on the first day of trading. The Maryland manufacturer managed to raise $303 million by offering 6.9 million shares at $44, above the range of $38 to $42. Since its foundation in 2013, over 6 million parts have been manufactured through Xometry’s platform.

Xometry celebrates IPO at Nasdaq Exchange.

Xometry celebrates going public at the NASDAQ on June 29, 2021. Image courtesy of Xometry.

Rokit Healthcare

In March 2021, South Korean bioprinting startup Rokit Healthcare announced preparations for its upcoming IPO. Since 2012, Rokit has developed the 3D bioprinter Invivo, which is currently undergoing clinical trials in Korea and the U.S. to help regenerate damaged cartilage tissue in patients with arthritis ulcers. The business has already begun commercializing its flagship bioprinted skin patches to treat diabetic foot ulcers and ultimately expects to offer personalized services using a patient’s own cells to print organs and tissues.

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