Yeehaw 3D Printer for Kids Has Two Weeks Left on Indiegogo – Starting at $269!


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yeehaw-logoSanta Claus is coming to town…Christmas is just a couple weeks away! While it may not fit in little Nell’s stocking, if you’re still looking for a present for your kids, why not head over to crowdfunding site Indiegogo and check out a 3D printer that’s advertised as the best out there for creative kids? That’s right, I’m talking about the Yeehaw 3D printer, from China’s Yeehaw 3D! There are just two weeks left in their campaign, and since we first told you about the Yeehaw on Thanksgiving, the company has already raised 280% of their $25,000 goal, which is fantastic news.

The idea behind the innovative Yeehaw is to offer a totally user-friendly 3D printer that can be easily and quickly set up, and gives kids the freedom to create on their own. Lots of 3D printers on the market can cost a veritable fortune, but the Yeehaw is just $269 (the $249 early bird rewards were snapped up quickly!) through Indiegogo. That’s still a decent amount of money, so it may be the only present under the tree this year, but it will keep kids busy for so long, I don’t think they’ll mind too much.

kid-using-yeehawI remember getting some complicated toys for Christmas when I was a kid, and watching my dad spend a long time setting them up later that day. I’ve now experienced this frustration myself, after spending a good hour trying to put together a toy for my niece a few years ago. The Yeehaw skips all of this hassle, and goes straight to the fun. It’s ready to use right out of the box – just connect it to your home’s WiFi, and your kids can start creating right away!

The printer is controlled through an online, child-friendly app, which supports both Android and iOS devices. Kids can design their own toys with the app, with a library of over 2,000 available designs, including popular characters, games, and building blocks. There’s no need for an adult to step in and try to figure out how to set parameters for a 3D model, or perform leveling. It also comes with a removable print bed. The Yeehaw operates with an “emotional” lighting system, so families can tell what it’s up to during every step. White is Normal, Blue means the printer is connecting to the network, Oranges means it’s heating up, Green is updating, and Red is Abnormal.

yeehaw-at-workThe Yeehaw team has made it crystal clear that safety is of the utmost importance for this 3D printer, even stating on the Indiegogo page that “every aspect of Yeehaw has been designed specifically to be safe for children.” It calibrates, updates, and monitors itself, so you’ll never have to adjust the machinery: the printer just solves the problem and performs updates by itself. It also includes several built-in safety features. The Yeehaw has a 360° total coverage capsule design, and comes with door sensors and a special retractable nozzle, so kids can watch their creations come to life right in front of them, while being protected from any moving parts. It also has an automatic stop if the printer is shifted or disturbed at all, and the 100% eco-friendly PLA filament is nontoxic, and available in 12 fun colors.

yeehaw-appA lot of kids’ toys can sometimes be relegated to a playroom, or a basement, so busy moms and dads can try to keep the household clutter down to a minimum. But the Yeehaw’s sleek, transparent design, which recently won both the Red Star Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, will look beautiful anywhere in your home.

As if the classic design, coupled with full remote app control via IoT, didn’t make this printer great enough already, the ability to share your printer with friends through the app really sets the Yeehaw apart from other 3D printers. You can just open the app, click the Menu, select the Printer option, pick which Printer you want to share, and click “Share Printer.” It will pull up a QR code, with simple instructions at the bottom for your friend to follow in order to scan the code and use the printer. Check out the process:

You can find additional videos about the Yeehaw 3D printer on the company’s YouTube channel to see more about what sets this machine apart.

Every Yeehaw 3D printer comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and Yeehaw 3D ensures that every unit is tested before it’s sent to you. The orders are set ship out as soon as the Indiegogo campaign is over. Discuss in the Yeehaw 3D forum at

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