Zero-G Printer


3D Printers in Zero-G Flights? There Have Been a Few of Those

In 2011, Made In Space created the first 3D printer for microgravity; what sounded like science fiction suddenly became a reality. Since then, at least 15 experimental 3D printers have…

What’s Next For China’s Zero-Gravity 3D Printer? Slowly, More Details Emerge

Piece by piece, more details are being revealed about China’s progress toward 3D printing in space. Last week we reported that the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) recently ran several tests on…

Made In Space Breakthrough Allows 3D Printing in the Vacuum of Space, Away from ISS

In November of 2014, Made in Space made history when astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) unpacked the world’s first piece of manufacturing equipment designed to operate in space….