VR training

Tradiebot Industries Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies to Train Automotive Workforce

From midair 3D designing and undertaking immersive experiences to learning more about things like coffee and our planet, from testing out 3D digital drones and how to modify nuclear pumps to getting a closer…

Russian Cosmonauts Deploy Satellite with 3D Printed Casing During Livestreamed Spacewalk

We bring you news from the International Space Station (ISS) today, as two Russian cosmonauts stepped into outer space this morning to begin a planned six-hour spacewalk, also known as…

3D Systems Partners with CHEST to Develop Standardized Bronchoscopy Curriculum Using VR-Powered Simbionix BRONCH Mentor

While a lot of the hype centered on Virtual Reality is being focused on video gaming, there are far more important and innovative uses for the technology on the horizon….