Check Out the Local Motors 3D Printed Car Driving Autonomously with Drone in Fly Mode

The 3D printed car is happening. Certainly not too long ago that was a pretty mindblowing concept, but as we’ve watched Local Motors progress with their concept from their famed…

Think Local Motors’ 3D Printed Strati Couldn’t Get Any Cooler? Winner of Essence of Autonomy Challenge Proves Otherwise

The future of transportation is a big topic around here, as 3D printing, robotics, and virtual reality all play a big part in the vehicles that will eventually be taking…

That’s Olli with an i: Autonomous Vehicle from Local Motors Now in D.C. with IBM Watson IoT

There’s so much delectable technology coming forth today that often just one new innovation in itself might boast a veritable buffet of features that are fascinating, futuristic, and very appealing…

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