Interview with Kunal Mehta of Blueprint 3D Printing Consulting and Strategy

Just recently Stratasys launched Blueprint. Stratasys has had a consulting arm for a number of years now. The firm wanted to present and establish the Blueprint as independent-minded however. Application…

Stratasys Tells Us About Their New Expert Services Group to Help Manufacturers Implement 3D Printing

It’s been an incredibly busy month so far for Stratasys, which just a few days ago announced a large-scale collaboration with the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs to create a 3D printing…

Over 50% of All Homes to Have 3D Printers By 2030 – Market Worth $70 Billion Annually

We have seen a lot of research analysis on the 3D printing market over the last year. Gartner has estimated that the market could grow as much as 1900% over…

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