Stanford University’s Paper or 3D Printed Whirligigs Can Diagnose Malaria for Under a Dollar

One of the simplest and oldest toys known to man is the whirligig. You may have played with one yourself without knowing its name, if you’ve ever threaded a button…

A Parrotlet in 3D Printed Goggles Just Proved Researchers Wrong About the Aerodynamics of Bird Flight

Sometimes science can be really, really adorable – while teaching us important things, as well. While putting tiny goggles on a small parrot may seem to be good for nothing…

Get Your Kids Excited About Microbiology Now with the 3D Printed Microscope Powered by Your Smartphone

Parents love to discuss what their kids are ‘into,’ and this came up recently as my daughter was going to a birthday party for a boy in her class and…

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