3D Printed MouthPad Transforms How We Control Our Digital World

A bold new startup, Augmental, has made a significant breakthrough thanks to the path paved by the increasingly mature dental 3D printing industry. The firm has cleverly utilized dental resins,…

4D Printed Splint Self-Tightens on Wearer’s Wrist

The University of Stuttgart and the University of Freiburg in Germany have developed a new design method for 4D printing and have created an orthotic that contracts and forms to…


Eco Friendly 3D Printing? Emergency Response to Extreme Weather

Immediately in the wake of Hurricane Maria, small communities in Puerto Rico found themselves relying on the few sites that maintained electricity after the island’s gas power plant went offline….

Casting New Light on Killer Applications

If there’s one constant throughout my career in both 2D and 3D printing, it’s that the key to growth lies in the ability to uncover and exploit “killer applications.” Nowadays…