3D Printing of Eyewear and R&D Tax Credits

The global eyewear industry, valued at $102.66 billion in 2015, is comprised of non-US and international companies who manufacture and sell corrective, lifestyle, sun-protection, luxury, fashion, and sports eyewear. 3D…

Sculptural 3D Printed Glasses Produced by Safilo, Materialise and Francis Bitonti

Many people have to get glasses at an early age, even in young childhood. For a child, having to get glasses can be traumatic – the fear of being labeled…

Safilo and the Stratasys J750 3D Printer: Making Beautiful Eyewear Together

Glasses are often more than just an aid for those of us with poor eyesight; they also make a fashion statement. Whether with that opportunity we want to emphasize pure practicality…

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