Exploring 3D Printed Form with Magnetic Bisymmetric Hendecahedrons

In addition to being my top choice for the name of my next band, Magnetic Bisymmetric Hendecahedrons is just one set of 3D printed magnetic manipulables created by Walter Hsiao and…

The Ear to Hell: a 3D Printed Re-Imagining of the Classic Audio Speaker

Ted Kessler is a designer and artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area who’s enamored of art, science, and the fusion of the two. Kessler received his BS in…

This 3D Printed 6-Barrel Rubber Band Gatling Gun Can Shoot up to 48 Rounds Per Load

Boy do I wish 3D printing was around when I was a little boy. The possibilities that this technology provides are endless, and when it comes to toys, that might…

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