Read Before You Vape: 3D Printed Screening Device Shows That E-Cigarettes Are Just as Bad as Tobacco Cigarettes

In season three of Friends, my favorite sitcom in the world, Rachel Green tries to help her friend Chandler Bing quit smoking, first by physically removing cigarettes from his mouth,…

Commemorate Successful Smoking Cessation with a 3D Printed Lung Trophy!

Cigarette smoking is on the decline in the United States. It has been chased out of public areas, kicked off planes, heavily taxed, and erased from billboards. More and more…

Rex Vapor is About to Beautify the E-Cigarette Market with 3D Printed Vaporizers

Cigarette smoking has finally met its match. Over the past few years a movement has been making its way throughout the United States, much of Europe, and many other locations…

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