BigRep and Polymertal Take 3D Printing Hybrid Approach to Automotive Prototyping

3D printing is affecting nearly every industry in some way, but one industry it’s having a major impact on is the automotive one. While the applications may not all be…

Roboze Brings Strength to Desktop 3D Printing, Shows Off at RAPID Debut as Global Expansion Continues

Italian company Roboze has established a reputation for high-strength 3D printing at the desktop, making 3D printing with materials such as PEEK and PEI more accessible for users around the…

Roboze Partners with Polymertal to Make Super-Strong Metal-Plated 3D Printed Parts, Teases Next 3D Printer

Roboze is definitely a company that believes there is no “I” in team. There’s no “I” in Roboze, either, incidentally, and the 3D printer manufacturer seems to have made this…

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