Platinum Beauty: Cooksongold Introduces New Precious Metal Powder for 3D Printing

Pure. Rare. Eternal. That’s how the Platinum Guild International describes the silvery precious metal that, perhaps more than any other, denotes wealth, elegance and extravagance. Its rarity makes it an expensive indulgence…

Tanaka to Exhibit World’s First Successful Platinum-Based Metallic Glass Powder for 3D Printers

Tokyo-based Tanaka Holding announced on November 18 that, through Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, they have become the world’s first company to succeed in the development and formation of platinum-based metallic glass powder for…

Shapeways Introduces Four New Materials for Jewelers – Platinum, 18k Gold, 14k Rose Gold & 14k White Gold

There are a few 3D printing services out there which cater towards consumers and businesses alike, but none have the history like that of Shapeways. Easily the largest online 3D…

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