Calling All SmartPhone Zombies: Time to Dial it Back with the 3D Printed ‘O’ Phone

Do you need rehab? Seriously, we all get it. There’s so much interesting stuff to look at on your phone, from that perfectly arranged, gourmet meal your brother is cooking…

3D Printed Cell Phone Battery Charger Lets You DIY for a Higher Quality Product

These days, it really does seem that, for every problem, there’s a DIY approach–and thanks to the growing global community of makers, tinkerers, and problem solvers, there’s a 3D printed…

Droidles – 3D Printed Mini Robots Seek Funding On Indiegogo

In April 1975, Gary Dahl came up with an idea for the perfect pet: A rock. The advertising exec reasoned that it was the perfect pet because it didn’t take…

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