3D Printing and Clay Bring Kennis & Kennis’ Historic Reconstructions to Life

Just as forensic artists have used 3D printing to give unidentified murder victims a realistic face, archaeologists and researchers use the technology to provide faces for historical figures. Hominid palaeo-artists…

3D Technologies Digitally Unwrap Mummies’ Secrets

There is something almost magically fascinating about mummies. Apart from the somewhat macabre notion that you are staring at the wrappings of a dead body, there are notions of the whispered…

Autodesk & Dr. Louise Leakey Share 3.3-Million-Year-Old Stone Tools with the World via 3D Printing

The increasingly more sophisticated tools that allow us to progress scientifically and technologically, that assist us in moving more confidently into the future, also provide us with methods for uncovering…

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