3D Printing and the Economy: Detroit Ranked Best City in the US for CAD Designers, According to Modis

Mention the city of Detroit, and the first thing that comes to many people’s minds, unfortunately, is the economic decline caused by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Detroit was hit hard…

Annual SOT Meeting in NOLA: Presentations Offer Validity for Using Organovo’s exVive 3D Printed Human Liver Tissue in Research

This is an exciting week for many in New Orleans. While one could say that at virtually any time—and residents would probably chuckle heartily at the comment—if you are interested in the…

Rapper ‘Boyfriend’ Adds to Live Performance with 3D Printed, LED-lit Bra  

New Orleans is known not only for its incredible music history, but also for being a place that welcomes and embraces unique artists of all styles. While we can’t all…

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