National Taiwan University

Researchers Develop 3D Printed Calcium Silicate Bone Scaffold

We often hear about 3D printed scaffolds, which provide structure to printed cells while they grow and develop, being used in the medical field, as they can help with tissue regrowth, have an effect…


T3D’s Mobile Phone-Activated SLA 3D Printer is Only $169 on Kickstarter

T3D is a startup spin-off from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST). In 2008 (priority in 2003), NTUST granted a US7320946B2 patent to use DLP for SLA 3D…

New Frozen-Form Additive Manufacturing System Holds Potential for Better 3D Printed Tissue Scaffolds

While the many forms of 3D printing live tissue are generally grouped together under the general category of 3D bioprinting, the methods are so varied that some of them barely…

The Band-Aid of the Future — NTU Creates the 3D Printed BioScope

A team of students at the National Taiwan University have developed a “smart bandage” they call the BioScope which amps up the functionality of the Band-Aid to unheard of levels….