New Matter to Deliver MOD-t 3D Printers to Challenger Learning Centers

Most people alive today won’t ever get the chance to go to space – that’s just a fact. Most of us aren’t astronauts, or wealthy enough to catch a ride…

Solidoodle Announces That They Are Suspending Operations Immediately

It is never a good day when a well-liked company can’t keep their doors open, and even less so in a small and tight-knit industry like 3D printing. Unfortunately 3D…

New Matter to Donate $200,000 Worth of 3D Printers and Supplies to US Schools

CES 2016 events have begun in Las Vegas! The consumer technology symposium, which runs until the end of the week, always attracts a lot of big names, and this year is no exception….

New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer Now Available for Purchase for Just $399

It was April of 2014, and I was in New York City to attend the Inside 3D Printing Conference. The hotel I was staying at with my wife Whitney and…

Sneak Peek at New Matter’s 3D Printing Store as Printers Begin Shipping

New Matter is already used to making a big splash when they arrive on the scene–and deservedly so–noted as we reported last year regarding the MOD-t 3D printer on Indiegogo–the golden…

New Matter Raises $6.5 Million in Funding For MOD-t 3D Printer & More – Exclusive Interview with CEO

It all started in May 2014, when New Matter informed that they would be launching an Indiegogo Campaign for the most affordable desktop 3D printer yet. Priced starting at…

OSU Student Reinvents The Wheel: Robotic 3D printed transforming wheel

Carter Hurd has been building robots since he was in middle school. His experience and passion for tinkering with and building out complete electronic devices has only grown, and he…

‘New Matter’ Will Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Affordable MOD-t 3D Printer Soon

By 2018, research reports indicate that over one million consumer based 3D printers will be sold annually. This is an increase of about 1000% from where we are at today….

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