3D Printing Spotlight On: Kathryn Hurley, General Counsel, MakerBot

No industry is without its own legal challenges, and 3D printing presents plenty, especially related to intellectual property and copyright issues. It’s important for any 3D printing company to have…

Exclusive Interview with MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom on Layoffs and Company’s Future

As many of us know, MakerBot, a Stratasys subsidiary, recently made headlines by laying off 20% of their employees, causing many to wonder exactly which direction the company is headed. Over…

Exclusive Interview with MakerBot CEO Jenny Lawton on the Future of MakerBot, Next Generation Printer, Smart Extruders, & More

One of the great things about attending a show as large as, and on as large of a stage as, CES is the fact that all of the big players within industries…

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