PrintLab Releases Educational Bundles to Get 3D Printing Started in Classrooms

For teachers who are looking to incorporate 3D printing into their classrooms for the first time, starting out can be a daunting challenge. There’s a lot you need – not…

Back to School Soon! Kidesign Launches New Kideville 3D Printing Games at Reduced Prices

Although it’s still only July and we are in the deep throes of summer—signified by the lack of school nights and the searing outdoors—it’s also already time to launch into…

Kideville Introduces Children to 3D Design Through Game Play

Kideville Introduces Children to 3D Design Through Game Play

September 15, 2015

There are a lot of ideas about what interests kids…and as many ideas about whether or not those interests are healthy for them. Each generation seems certain that whatever the…

Kideville Aimed at Bringing 3D Printing and Urban Planning Skills to Students

It’s all about the children at Kidesign, an ed-tech startup aimed at building educational kits and bringing 3D printing into school curricula. Alberto Rizzoli and Dejan Mitrovic say they decided…

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