MakerBot Announces New PLA Composite Materials, New Services and Partnerships at 2015 CES

As if this wasn’t already a week filled with incredible news, crazy new printers, and interesting projects related to 3D printing, MakerBot has just made several major announcements. At last year’s CES,…

Our Favorite 3D Printable Designs From FirstBuild & MakerBot’s IceBox Challenge

Sponsored by FirstBuild and MakerBot, the IceBox Challenge has drawn some truly innovative talent. You can count on viewing streamlined, utilitarian 3D printed items that are generally nice to look at…

MakerBot and FirstBuild Team Up to Offer the Icebox Challenge: 3D Printed Refrigerator Ideas

Have you ever stood in front of your refrigerator, just staring in? Maybe it’s a midnight snack, maybe it’s uncertainty about what to make for dinner, but there’s some holding…

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