3D Printed Microneedle Array Technology May Offer New Eye Disease Treatment

According to a report commissioned by the Prevent Blindness America organization, eye disorders and treatment for people with vision loss cost close to $139 billion annually. 3D printing has been called…

3D Printing of Ophthalmology Medical Devices and Tools May Be Eligible for R&D Tax Credits

Scientists and doctors have been experimenting with ways to correct vision by way of 3D printing. Additive manufacturing capabilities have proved that 3D printed medical devices can be used in…

Teenager Uses AI, a 3D Printed Lens, and a Smartphone to Develop Portable System to Diagnose a Common Eye Disease

Less than ideal eyesight runs in my family, and I’ve worn glasses since kindergarten, so due to annual visits with my ophthalmologist, I am no stranger to hearing about diseases…

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