Red Nose Day 2017: Digits2Widgets 3D Prints Bespoke Celebrity Caricature Red Noses

Red Nose Day sets out every other year in a campaign, largely across the UK, to use laughter to bring people together — and while the day itself is a…

Frighteningly Realistic 3D Printable Zombies Created Via Photogrammetry

Everyone loves a good zombie, don’t they? Well, maybe not everyone – I’ve known a few people whose worst fears are genuinely related to a potential zombie apocalypse. I can…

Dentists are Now Capable of Using 3D Printers to Reconstruct Entire Jaws

In 2009, fashion designer Josh Stephenson was diagnosed with a rare type of eye cancer that had spread throughout his face. After unsuccessfully undergoing radiotherapy in 2010, the cancer continued…

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