The Weave: 3D Printed Ceramic Brick Structure Builds Alternative View of Matter

In ‘The Weave –  An Investigation into the Intersection of Craft and 3D-printing,’ Albin Karlsson and Johanna Jonsson of Sweden’s Lund University have written a master’s thesis centered around a…

Back to Handcrafted Basics: Talented Artists Toss High Tech & 3D Printing Out The Window

As someone who has failed miserably in the art of whittling, woodworking in shop class, knitting, crocheting, and anything that involves using a couple of what seem like unwieldy yet…

3D Printing Helped Make This Legend of Zelda Themed Wedding the Toast of Hyrule

I’ll be honest, I usually wince a little when I hear the phrase “themed wedding.” Not so much because a couple who are getting married shouldn’t be free to have…

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