A 2020 View of Metal Additive Manufacturing

Yes, the title is ironic. No view of the future is 20/20, especially ours, although John has been eyeing some 3D printed custom Titanium frames to help sharpen the outlook….


Formnext 2019: A lot of new players, but where is the business value?

As the end of the year approaches, the additive manufacturing industry gathers in Frankfurt for the biggest event of the year: Formnext. For a week in November, the entire world…

Interview with Kunal Mehta of Blueprint 3D Printing Consulting and Strategy

Just recently Stratasys launched Blueprint. Stratasys has had a consulting arm for a number of years now. The firm wanted to present and establish the Blueprint as independent-minded however. Application…

Interview with Fabian Alefeld of Additive Minds, 3D Printing Training, Consulting and Application Development

One of the things holding 3D printing back is the lack of Application Development Consultants. Imagine the dawn of the asphalt age, bitumen production increases as maps are filled with…