Tree, Root and Mote: Build Your Own 3D Printer Farm with New Kickstarter from CEL Robox

Many Kickstarter campaigns fade into obscurity after they end, while some go on to moderate success, but every so often there comes a company that becomes so successful that it’s…

CEL Robox 3D Printers Offer User-Friendly Micro-Manufacturing Platform

We’ve all seen the writing on the wall: desktop 3D printing at the consumer level isn’t quite the dreamboat we’d been led to believe it might be in the pie-in-the-sky…

The 3-DIY Movement: Welcoming 3D Printing to More Homes in 2014

This is a guest article by Robox CEO, Chris Elsworthy. Though industry analysts have been skeptical about the use cases for 3D printing, it comes at little surprise that the…

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