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Bioprinting 101 – Part 15, Microarrays

This is an article on the importance of microarrays and processes us used at the micro and nano level for bioprinting.

Creating Vascular Structures Using Low Cost Desktop 3D Printers

In a thesis entitled “Engineering of vascular networks within biocompatible hydrogels using 3D printing technology,” a PhD student named Juan Liu discusses the need for new technologies in wound healing….

Five Children Receive Ear Implants Made From Their Own Cells, Thanks to 3D Printed Molds and Scaffolds

Unilateral microtia is a congenital deformity that impacts the function and shape of the ear, and according to the Stanford Ear Institute, it’s estimated to occur in roughly one out of every…

Degrade On Demand: Brown University Researchers Create Dynamic 3D Printing Biomaterials

We’ve seen 3D printable biomaterials before, but never any like the ones engineers at Rhode Island-based Brown University have been working on. They have developed a technique to make 3D…

3D Printed Scaffold for Artistic Cell Culture

At the juncture between creative exploration and scientific technology lies the work of Amy Karle, who is the current Artist in Residence at Autodesk. The idea behind her work was…