White House Announces AM Forward Fund at Convening of Small Business Leaders

On February 14, 2024, the White House hosted a meeting of small business leaders, trade association professionals, investors, and federal officials, for a roundtable discussion concerning reforms that the Biden-Harris…

CORE Closes $887M in Commitments for Advanced Manufacturing and Beyond

The private equity (PE) sector is playing an increasing role in the evolution of the additive manufacturing (AM) landscape, particularly when it comes to the services sector in the U.S….


The Conspicuous Absence of 3D Printing from Biden’s Latest Strategy Update on Critical Emerging Technologies

Last week, the Biden administration released yet another policy document related to its overall economic strategy, entitled “United States Government National Standards Strategy for Critical Emerging Technology [CET]”. Essentially, the…

Divergent Receives $100M Investment from Hexagon for Car 3D Printing Tech

Hexagon AB has been steadily increasing its presence in 3D printing and, this time, the Swedish tech giant has laid down a significant amount of capital into one of the…

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Raising Capital: 3D Printing CEOs on Getting Funding without Going Public – Part II

In the realm of 3D printing startups, finding the right investors, tracking down capital sources, and generating demand for a product can make or break the future of a business….


What makes a successful idea, or why 3D printing startups need to partner up with investors

A lot of successful projects begin as small startups. Without a doubt, the inventors play a major role in this process, but the investor’s contribution is often disregarded, and it’s…

3D Printing Business News: Ultimaker, BeAM, Sharebot Raising Capital and Seeing Growth in Operations

With so much growth across business ventures every day, we do our best to keep you apprised of all the latest business news in the 3D printing industry. For today’s…

3D Printing News Briefs: September 12, 2017

We’ve got a lot of 3D printing business news for you today in 3D Printing News Briefs – CollPlant has signed an agreement with a US investor, while the Hobs…