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3D Printing Financials: Velo3D Sees Better Q1 2024 After Difficult Last Quarter

Velo3D‘s (NYSE: VLD) first quarter of 2024 shows signs of recovery after a challenging end to 2023. The company is reaping the benefits of its strategic realignment and cost-reduction efforts….

Velo3D Initiates Public Offering in a Bid to Strengthen Financial Foundations and Drive Future Growth

Velo3D (NYSE: VLD) has been among a number of publicly traded 3D printing firms that have attempted to weather the current macroeconomic climate. After posting a challenging financial report for 2023,…


3D Printing Financials: Velo3D Struggles in Harrowing 2023 Earnings Report

In its first earnings report since CEO Benny Buller stepped down, Velo3D (NYSE: VLD) disclosed a downturn in its financial performance, as revenue for 2023 declined and net losses intensified…


Pressing Refresh: What CEO Brad Kreger and Velo3D Have Learned About Running a 3D Printing Company

To whatever extent a business is successful thanks to specialization, businesses will nonetheless always be holistic entities. A company isn’t a bunch of compartments that all happen to share the…


Velo3D CEO and CFO Discuss Metal 3D Printing Firm’s Prospects

Velo3D (NYSE: VLD) initially made a significant impact with its breakthrough approach to laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) for metals, which involved controlling more variables and employing a novel recoating…