NASA Director Talks Industrialized Biomedicine in Space at IAC

“We are on the cusp of once again launching American astronauts on rockets from American soil for the first time since the retirement of the shuttle in 2011. We now…

Pharmaceutical Researchers Use REGEMAT 3D Technology for Drug Delivery

3D bioprinting is becoming an interesting alternative for medical professionals and research institutions that choose a more personalized treatment for their patients, this has potential to improve the quality of…

Interview with Jose Manuel Baena of Regemat 3D and Breca Health Care

This is an interview with Jose Manuel Baena of Regemat 3D and Breca Health Care. These organizations are doing various work in the bio-printing sector as well as the medical device sector.

Bioprinting in Focus: Interview with José Baena, Founder and CEO of REGEMAT 3D and BRECA Healthcare

REGEMAT 3D, a pioneer in the development of 3D bioprinting technologies, and BRECA Healthcare have been making headlines recently, so to learn more we turned to  their founder José Baena…

3D Printed Joints Hold Great Promise for Patients Needing Joint Replacement

We’ve grown accustomed to the idea that 3D printing holds great promise for advances in the field of medicine. However, each individual advance is still thrilling as it promises even…

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