Launch Forth and Allianz Team Up to Challenge Innovators to Push Boundaries of Assistive Design Through 3D Printing

The utilization of 3D printing has been a game changer for many people with disabilities; this year alone we’ve seen advances made in hearing aid technology, surgical interventions, and social…

Havenlabs’ Open Source 3D Printed Utility Band Offers Simple Functionality for Amputees

From 3D printed walking sticks to prosthetic arms and robotic braces, 3D printing technology has often offered a helping hand to those who need assistive devices. We first heard about…

Pôle-Ergo Creates Universal Wireless Switch to Improve Computer Access for the Disabled

Of all the areas that 3D printing has had an immediate effect on, the medical field seems to have benefited immensely from the emerging technology in a number of ways….

3D Printing Error-Proof Fixtures Help Put the Blind Community to Work

The stated goal of Wisconsin’s Beyond Vision is to help the vision-impaired community find sustained and fulfilling job opportunities that can help them be more independent and financially support themselves….

3D Printed Assistive Device Created as a Journey in Self-Acceptance

3D Printed Assistive Device Created as a Journey in Self-Acceptance

September 2, 2015

When Cornelius Quiring was three years old, he went out with his father to help his uncles harvest the season’s cotton. While he was standing on the outside deck of the…

Students Develop New 3D Printed Aquahand – Potential to Help Stroke Victims Regain Hand Movement

The 3D printing space is has recently become a platform for affordable, functional, customizable prosthetic hands and arms. Whether it is through organizations such as e-NABLE, or other groups such as…

Spiderhand Device Addresses Mobility Disorders with 3D Printing

Spiderhand Device Addresses Mobility Disorders with 3D Printing

July 27, 2015

Lehigh University offers a summer Mountaintop Program in a former Bethlehem Steel research building where students are brought together to freely explore open-ended questions that wander across the disciplinary landscape. Student…

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