3DPrintClean filtration system

Interview with James Nordstrom of 3DPrintClean

This is an interview with James Nordstrom, the founder of 3DPrintClean. We talk about the various safety concerns that consumers should think about in terms of 3D Printers as well as sustainability for people in terms of health and environmental safety.

3DPrintClean Introduces Third Version of Air-Filtering 3D Printer Enclosure

Two years ago, we first learned about 3DPrintClean, a 3D printer enclosure that not only contains the potentially harmful particles given off by 3D printers, but filters the air while…

The 3DPrintClean Filtration System Allows You to Enjoy 3D Printing & Breathe Deeply Too!

So that shiny new 3D printer has arrived! You unwrap the packaging and behold it in all its sleek, modern glory, skipping over to your computer to start working on designs to…