One Small Step for My Feet, One Giant Leap for Feetz: 3D Printed Custom Shoes, in the Real World

Some things never change: the sun rises in the east, sunscreen is always a good idea, Cleveland sports fans know “there’s always next year”, everyone we love on Game of…

Feetz 100: The First Pairs of Custom 3D Printed Feetz Shoes Prepare for Launch, and We Got to Check Them Out First

I hate shoe shopping. I’ve never understood the fuss, the excitement, the Sex and the City-esque love for the shoe department. A lot of this stems from the fact that I…

3DSHOES Launches Free Mobile Application for Scanning and then Storing Customers’ Feet in the Cloud

Where there is need for customization, the technologies of 3D printing and scanning will find their way. It’s quite remarkable how quickly 3D printing is changing the shoe and orthotics…

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