Interview with Edi Weigh of 3D Printing Service FacFox

In terms of 3D printing, China is still a big unknown. Yes, we’re all familiar with printers from firms such as Flashforge that can be found all over the world….

3D Printing Startup Fluxaxis Launches Along with Competition Seeking Artist in Residence

As the 3D printing industry continues to expand, 3D printing service bureaus are becoming not only more numerous but more specific, catering to certain markets in particular. The latest such…

Sculpteo Details the Hobbyist Market in Their “State of 3D Printing” Industry Report

Last year, the French online 3D printing service provider Sculpteo utilized their wide-ranging consumer-base and renowned industry reputation to compile an in-depth report called “The State of 3D Printing,” which…

Delivery Service, TNT Germany Partners With trinckle 3D to Expand 3D Printing in Germany

In a new partnership between TNT Germany and trinckle 3D, forces are being joined to further the effort in not only making 3D printing more accessible, but easier too. This…

Old War Horses: Lessons for 3D Printing Service Bureaus

In my last article, I looked back at how 2D digital printing developed in the decade of the 1990’s and discussed how 3D printing equipment manufacturers now, could apply the…

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