3D printing Mars habitat


Simulation Complete: Pioneer Crew Wraps Up Year-Long Mission in 3D Printed Mars Habitat

After 378 days of living in a Mars-like 3D printed habitat, NASA’s Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog (CHAPEA) crew emerged on July 6, 2024, bringing with them vital insights…


Martians Wanted: NASA Seeks Volunteers for Second Mission in 3D Printed Mars Habitat

Who needs a road trip when you can join NASA on a year-long Martian staycation? Once again, NASA’s making it (almost) possible to spend your days on Mars, inviting applicants…

ICON’s 3D Printed Habitat on Earth is NASA’s Stronghold for Mars Survival

Settling on Mars in the future means withstanding radiation levels, lack of oxygen, frozen water buried under polar ice caps, and cold weather plunging as far as -220 degrees Fahrenheit,…


Terran Mars Habitat Being 3D Printed by ICON for NASA

Texas-based additive construction company ICON just announced that it’s been charged with creating a 3D printed habitat, called the Mars Dune Alpha, at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, also in Texas….

Mars X-House: Continuing in the Quest to 3D Print the ExtraTerrestrial Habitat

In the recently published ‘Mars X-House: Design Principles for an Autonomously 3D Printed ISRU Surface Habitat,’ authors from SEArch+ (Space Exploration Architecture) LLC, NASA Langley Research Center, and University of…