From the Drama, a Suspension: Kickstarter Pulls the Plug on NexD1 3D Printer Campaign

We were excited about the NexD1 3D printer from Germany-based Next Dynamics, and we weren’t alone. The 3D printer seemed versatile, multi-functional, and even promised the capability to 3D print…

Kickstarter Drama: Supporters of NexD1 3D Printer Withdrawing Pledges After Company Evasiveness, Allegations of Copyright Infringement

Last month, German startup Next Dynamics introduced an exciting-sounding new printer: the NexD1, a multi-color, multi-material 3D printer capable of printing electronics with a conductive resin. The Kickstarter campaign has been…

Cobblebot Threatens Backer with Lawsuit for Reposting a Video of the 3D Printer

Over the last year we’ve covered on numerous occasions a company called Cobblebot Inc., as they launched two different 3D printers on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. Over the last year, the…

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