3Dynamic Systems to Commercialize Its 3D Bioprinted Vascular Tissue Scaffolds

Commercial 3D bioprinting systems manufacturer 3Dynamic Systems, based out of the Swansea University campus in Wales, is well known for its bioprinting research studies and 3D bioprinters. The company has…

3D Bioprinted Liver Tissue Constructs Used to Develop More Accurate Drug Toxicity Testing System

While many think that bioprinting means that we’ll soon be able to 3D print a brand new organ with the touch of a button, that’s not the case quite yet….

Northwestern University Uses 3D Printing to Create Customized Vascular Stents

There are numerous examples of how 3D printing technology has proved advantageous to the medical field, from customized assistive devices to surgical preparation with patient-specific 3D printed models. This benefit…

Harvard Researchers Create Stronger, Thicker, 3D Printed Vascular Tissues That Live Up to Six Weeks

As spectacular new scientific processes like bioprinting begin to overshadow many of the other innovations in 3D printing that are currently also transforming many different industries, it’s easy to look…

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