Customizable 3D Printed Contactors Give Disabled People Access to Technology

3D printing has become an invaluable way of helping people with disabilities. It’s an inexpensive method of creating assistive devices that can be easily personalized to the user, and many…

US Coast Guard Researching Ways to Use 3D Printing to Improve Mission Readiness

The US Navy has used 3D printing technology on numerous occasions: to develop a missile component, a submarine hull, and a small clip to keep the clasps of handheld radios…

Element14, 3YOURMIND & EnOcean Team Up to Offer 3D Printed, Easily Customized IoT Switch

The term ‘Internet of Things’ sounds a bit intimidating to many at first, who still quite often reply to the term with a predictable ‘huh?’ This is actually a relatively…

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