AmorePacific Introduces Customized 3D Printed Facial Mask

Sheet masks have become popular in recent years as a way to moisturize, refresh skin, tighten pores, and do all sorts of other wonderful things for the complexion. The only…

3D Printed Microfiber Strips Create “Second Skin” to Restore a Youthful Look

Our culture has a desperate obsession with youth. That’s not news, obviously – pick up any magazine, turn on the TV or radio, and you’ll be lucky to get five…

Smooth Away Crow’s Feet Quickly with 3D Printed Radara Skincare Patches

I remember the very moment that I noticed the first, insidious under-the-eye crinkle. It was a bitterly cold and dry winter day, and in preparing for a Sunday brunch with my…

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