Dassault Systèmes Gathered 3D Printing Expertise at CES 2018: Interviews with Rize, Syos

At last week’s eventful CES 2018 in Las Vegas, 3D printing may not have been the main attraction — but still had plenty to show. The annual trade show has…

Taiwan’s ITRI Showcases Metal 3D Printed Saxophone

Guitars. Violins — both acoustic and electric. Cellos. Drum sets and Indian tabla drum pairs. The saxophone… 3D printing musical instruments is becoming more common, but it is not necessarily an easy…

Olaf Diegel 3D Prints a Saxophone After Being Challenged By 3D Systems’ CEO Avi Reichental

If you have been following the music scene and have any interest what-so-ever in 3D printing, then it is very likely that you have seen the work of a man…

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