HP Has a One Sized Fits All 3D Printing Solution For Orthotics With Flowbuilt, Materialise and Go 4-D

HP is entering the 3D printing market in a big way. The company has just announced that it will launch metal 3D printers and is rolling out more automated 3D…

HP Joins the Customized Footwear Revolution, Powering FitStation with 3D Scanning and 3D Printing

Personalization is increasingly important to today’s consumers, and 3D technologies are making this a viable reality — and one industry significantly benefiting from an uptick in 3D scanning and 3D…

Light Soles, Made with 3D Printing & Light Curing Technology, Offer Runners & Cyclists Relief

3D printing is truly a boon to the discerning consumer in an industry like that of footwear, where there are only so many styles and manufacturers of shoes—but every foot is…

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